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005 – Jon Arnold: Soccer Journalism from an American Perspective

Last episode I talked with Karl Matchett to get the British perspective on soccer journalism. We learned what it is like...

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004 – Karl Matchett: Soccer Journalism in the UK

When watching the match just isn’t enough, soccer fans turn to the media for news, features, and access to their favorite...

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003 – Owning Bugeaters FC with Jonathan Collura

This is the next episode in my series where I talk to owners of lower-divisions sides. Last episode I spoke to...

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Dustin Nation

Dustin is a software developer and co-host of the Dallas Soccer Show.

Tristan Vick

Tristan is a CPA and avid sports fan. He also co-hosts the Dallas Soccer Show.

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Featured Guests

People in the soccer community are ever so generous with their time. These are a few of the amazing guests we’ve been lucky enough to have on the show.


Mark Followill

Play-by-Play Announcer

Jon Arnold

Soccer Journalist

Karl Matchett

Soccer Journalist